Our specialized divisions have built and continually evolve our core infrastructure platform. This enables our trading teams to independently pursue unique investment strategies within one centrally-driven risk and operational framework.


People Who Thrive at Global Finance Group

Global Finance Group Foundation in an intensive six-week training program designed to prepare you to trade markets live. The Global Finance Group is a demanding, comprehensive, and thoughtful trading course. You will develop valuable trading skills that will enable you to profit in any market for your entire trading career. All knowledge gaps will be filled in for you. Part one of our training program, Foundation, will help you to start growing your trading business.

Trading Topics and Skills:

  • The Fundamentals of Trading
  • One Good Trade
  • How to Find Stocks in Play
  • Reading the Tape
  • Reading Charts
  • How to Review Your Trading
  • Trade Execution
  • Risk Management
  • Psychology of Trading
  • Global Finance Group Trading Plays


Global Finance Group Trader Development is designed for you to find the best trading strategies. You will develop trading strategies that accentuate your unique cognitive and personality strengths as well as trading setups that build on your individual strengths.

During Trader Development, you will learn how to use technology to assist your trading career. You will be taught how to build filters to alert you to your favorite setups, scripts to enter your favorite trades, and automated models. Trader Development also provides a training course for automated trading.

During Trader Development, we will teach you the trading strategies with edge employed by our desk. You will experiment with these trades in real time. Then, you will build from the strategies that work best for you.



The most important part of our training is Team Trading. This is where you will make the most progress as a trader.

After you complete Trader Development, developing traders interview to join a Team. A Team is led by a Senior Trader, who has demonstrated superior profitability in a variety of markets.

You are expected to add value to the Team. You will build strategies and offer trading ideas for your Senior Trader and team members.

You will learn the trading strategies of the Senior Trader, who leads the Team. You will see all of their trades in real time and then review them. Most Teams hold their own AM meeting before the Open and weekly mentoring sessions about their best trades.

During Team Trading you will refine, learn, and develop new strategies.


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